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Language Teaching and Learning in Australia

Edited by Chris Mann and Richard B. Baldauf, Jr. †

Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


While macro-level language policy and planning (LPP) that is done mainly by governments still dominates thinking in the field, limitations of this focus have been demonstrated by recent broader and more focused conceptualizations of LPP. For instance, global LPP, particularly for languages of… read more
The literature of language policy and planning (LPP) focuses predominantly on the process of policy formulation and planning programs for implementation, i.e., to use Cooper’s terms, on ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’. The question of the people (‘by whom’ and ‘to whom’) involved in the planning process —… read more
Baldauf, Jr., Richard B. † and Robert B. Kaplan 2010 Australian Applied Linguistics in relation to international trendsAustralian Review of Applied Linguistics 33:1, pp. 4.1–4.32 | Article
Applied Linguistics is a diverse field, comprising a substantial number of sub-fields, sub-specialisations and related fields. To see that this is the case one need only examine the various hand- books and encyclopaedic references that have been published in the last ten years to see the wide range… read more
Kaplan, Robert B. and Richard B. Baldauf, Jr. † 2007 Language policy spread: Learning from health and social policy modelsLanguage Problems and Language Planning 31:2, pp. 107–129 | Article
Except for a few large scale projects, language planners have tended to talk and argue among themselves rather than to see language policy development as an inherently political process. A comparison with a social policy example, taken from the United States, suggests that it is important to… read more
Baldauf, Jr., Richard B. † and Zosia Golebiowski 2002 Introduction: The contexts of tertiary literaciesLiteracies: Tertiary contexts, Golebiowski, Zosia, pp. 1–3 | Introduction
Mann, Chris and Richard B. Baldauf, Jr. † 1992 ForewordLanguage Teaching and Learning in Australia, Mann, Chris and Richard B. Baldauf, Jr. † (eds.), pp. 1–5 | Miscellaneous
Baldauf, Jr., Richard B. † and Björn H. Jernudd 1987 Academic communication in a foreign language: The example of Scandinavian psychologyAustralian Review of Applied Linguistics 10:1, pp. 98–117 | Article
The view that Science consists of cooperative networks formed amongst invisible colleges of scholars is discussed and the role of language in scholarly communication is described. A detailed description of one such network, that formed by Scandinavian Psychologists, and the role that language… read more
Baldauf, Jr., Richard B. † and Björn H. Jernudd 1983 Language of publications as a variable in scientific communicationAustralian Review of Applied Linguistics 6:1, pp. 97–108 | Article
Baldauf, Jr., Richard B. † 1982 A historical perspective on language planning in American SamoaLanguage Planning, pp. 20–26 | Article
Baldauf, Jr., Richard B. † and Robert L.T. Dawson 1980 ESL matching cloze deletion types and their relationship to vernacular language backgroundAustralian Review of Applied Linguistics 3:2, pp. 131–144 | Article
In recent years, research with both first and second language students has suggested that the standard nth word cloze -procedure could be improved as a measure of reading comprehension through the introduction of multiple-choice or matching cloze formats. In addition, research conducted mainly… read more