Mira Kadric

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mira Kadric plays a role.


Kadric, Mira and Katia Iacono 2023 Interpreting in a project network: Dependencies and interpreters’ multidimensional alignmentIntroducing New Hypertexts on Interpreting (Studies): A tribute to Franz Pöchhacker, Zwischenberger, Cornelia, Karin Reithofer and Sylvi Rennert (eds.), pp. 168–193 | Chapter
This contribution analyses the action space of an interpreter in a project network consisting of five professionals, who travelled to Catania/Sicily on behalf of an Austrian broadcaster to interview different police and judicial authorities for a series of documentaries about white-collar crime… read more
Dialogue Interpreting (DI) involves the human being as a whole, with both her/his body and mind as well as social and communicative needs. It is a combination of intellect and feeling, which requires the rational mind to operate in an emotional setting. This concept is illustrated in detail in the… read more
Kadric, Mira 2000 Interpreting in the Austrian CourtroomThe Critical Link 2: Interpreters in the Community, Roberts, Roda P., Silvana E. Carr, Diana Abraham and Aideen Dufour (eds.), pp. 153 ff. | Article