María Cecilia Ainciburu

List of John Benjamins publications for which María Cecilia Ainciburu plays a role.


Medina Soler, María Isabel and María Cecilia Ainciburu 2023 Phonic mitigation markers for disagreement in interviews of university learners of Spanish as foreign languageSpanish in Context 20:1, pp. 26–49 | Article
In previous studies of the mitigators that occur when a speaker wants to show disagreement with his or her interlocutor, morphosyntactic markers occupy the most relevant part. In oral communication, however, phonic markers play a central role. This research presents the analysis of these markers… read more
Linguistic complexity measures are used to describe second language (L2) performance and assess levels of proficiency and development. Although morphology is considered crucial in L2 acquisition, morphological complexity has been relatively neglected, hindering comprehensive views of grammatical… read more
El objetivo del presente estudio fue analizar el controvertido estatus de tres medidas lingüísticas ampliamente utilizadas en la investigación empírica de Adquisición de Segundas Lenguas, como son la longitud promedio de la unidad terminal, la longitud promedio de la cláusula y la longitud… read more