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ISSN 2210-4119 | E-ISSN 2210-4127


Language and Social Interaction at Home and School

Edited by Letizia Caronia

[Dialogue Studies, 32] 2021. vi, 385 pp.
Subjects Dialogue studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics

Dialogue in institutional settings

Edited by Franca Orletti and Letizia Caronia

Special issue of Language and Dialogue 9:1 (2019) v, 190 pp.
Subjects Anthropology | Applied linguistics | Cognition and language | Communication Studies | Computational & corpus linguistics | Dialogue studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Psychology | Sociology


This chapter reports findings from a single-case study on primary care visits involving a general practitioner (GP), three unaccompanied foreign minors (UFMs) with low competence in the language of the visit, and two professional educators in charge of them. Adopting a conversation… read more
Caronia, Letizia, Federica Ranzani and Vittoria Colla 2022 Shifting addressivity: In / Ex clusionary practices in triadic medical interaction with unaccompanied foreign minorsTowards Culture(s) of Dialogue: Communicating Unity and Diversity through Language and Discourse, Okulska, Urszula, Grzegorz Kowalski and Urszula Topczewska (eds.), pp. 284–305 | Article
In dealing with recent migration-related phenomena, inclusion has become an increasingly common normative ethical imperative in socio-political discourse. Considering inclusion as a situated interactive accomplishment, this article reports findings from a study on medical visits, each one… read more
Caronia, Letizia 2021 Language, culture and social interaction: An introductionLanguage and Social Interaction at Home and School, Caronia, Letizia (ed.), pp. 1–36 | Chapter
In the 20th century, a theoretical insight surfaced and gradually prevailed as an agreed upon framework to (re)thinking children’s socialization and socio-cognitive development: language and interaction are the main tools through which cultures, social organization, moral orders as well as… read more
Caronia, Letizia 2021 PART II. Dialogues at schoolLanguage and Social Interaction at Home and School, Caronia, Letizia (ed.), pp. 189–350 | Section header
Caronia, Letizia 2021 Part 1. Dialogues at homeLanguage and Social Interaction at Home and School, Caronia, Letizia (ed.), pp. 37–188 | Section header
Caronia, Letizia and Nicola Nasi 2021 Chapter 5. Language, interaction, and culture at school: An overviewLanguage and Social Interaction at Home and School, Caronia, Letizia (ed.), pp. 193–220 | Chapter
The chapter provides an overview of selected studies that, from the mid-twentieth century, have variously dealt with classroom language, interaction, and culture. Moving from the recognition that schools represent (at least in western societies) a major site for children’s socialization into the… read more
It has been two decades since the social-material turn in social interaction studies proved the heuristic limits of a logocentric analytical geography. In this paper, we focus on the performative function of objects in an underexplored learning activity: parent-assisted homework. Adopting a… read more
Caronia, Letizia, Vittoria Colla and Renata Galatolo 2021 Chapter 2. Making unquestionable worlds: Morality building practices in family dinner dialoguesLanguage and Social Interaction at Home and School, Caronia, Letizia (ed.), pp. 87–120 | Chapter
Drawing on extant studies and research on language socialization and dinner talk, this chapter focuses on ordinary family interactions as socializing experiences and – at the same time – as culture-building activities. Adopting a conversation analytic approach, examples of video-recorded family… read more
Caronia, Letizia and Chiara Dalledonne Vandini 2019 Assessing a (gifted) child in parent-teacher conference: Participants’ resources to pursue (and resist) a no-problem trajectoryDialogue in institutional settings, Orletti, Franca and Letizia Caronia (eds.), pp. 125–148 | Article
Delivering and acknowledging assessments are the most recurrent institutional activities occurring in parent-teacher conference. This paper reports data from a mother-teacher conference concerning a gifted child. We show how participants’ practices to accomplish and receive assessment in the… read more
Caronia, Letizia and Franca Orletti 2019 The agency of language in institutional talk: An introductionDialogue in institutional settings, Orletti, Franca and Letizia Caronia (eds.), pp. 1–27 | Review article
This article, introducing the Special Issue, investigates the notion of “agency of language” and its historical roots: the phenomenological emphasis on the social actors’ role in constituting their Life-World. It reconstructs the genesis – at the beginning of the 20th century – of two ideas that… read more
Caronia, Letizia 2018 Research interview as social interaction: Epistemic implicationsFrom Pragmatics to Dialogue, Weigand, Edda and István Kecskés (eds.), pp. 83–112 | Chapter
This chapter discusses and empircally illustrates the epistemic implications of a dialogic approach to language when used as a research tool. I analyze examples of one of the most commonly used methods in social science research, the interview, and discuss some implications of foregrounding the… read more
Caronia, Letizia and Arturo Chieregato 2016 Polyphony in a ward: Tracking professional theories in members’ dialoguesLanguage and Dialogue 6:3, pp. 395–421 | Article
Contemporary research on the communicative constitution of organization conceives organization as made up of multiple voices embodied in and enacted by the different actors inhabiting this social world. This paper illustrates the inner polyphony at play in the complex and sensitive workplace of an… read more
Caronia, Letizia 2014 The fabric of certainty: Ignoring interactional details as an epistemic resource in research interviewsCommunicating Certainty and Uncertainty in Medical, Supportive and Scientific Contexts, Zuczkowski, Andrzej, Ramona Bongelli, Ilaria Riccioni and Carla Canestrari (eds.), pp. 249–271 | Article
This chapter concerns the tactic of “ignoring uncertainty” that takes place during research interviewing. Drawing on extent research on research interviews as an interactive phenomenon, we contend that most micro-actions implied in scientific practices are purifying activities aimed to clean… read more
This paper discusses the process through which cultural ideas, knowledge and beliefs mediating the encounter between an audience and a text are fabricated in and enacted by everyday naturally occurring dialogues. We contend that the cultural knowledge framing any hermeneutic dialogue is… read more
Contemporary researchers can rely upon a wide repertoire of different and legitimized ways of representing field dialogues in scientific texts. This article addresses the issue of the crucial role these ways of reporting dialogues play in creating different data from the ‘same’ raw material and in… read more