Nicolas Ruytenbeek

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New Perspectives on Utterance Interpretation and Implicit Contents

Edited by Daniela Rossi and Nicolas Ruytenbeek

[Belgian Journal of Linguistics, 28] 2014. v, 118 pp.
Subjects Pragmatics


Ruytenbeek, Nicolas 2023 Directives (with a special emphasis on requests)Handbook of Pragmatics: 26th Annual Installment, D’hondt, Sigurd, Pedro Gras, Mieke Vandenbroucke and Frank Brisard (eds.), pp. 67–93 | Chapter
This article explores the role of evaluative language in the identification of emotions in–and psychophysiological responses to–Twitter complaints and compliments by the readers of these messages. Three hypotheses were tested in this research. First, in line with recent experimental work in… read more
Rossi, Daniela and Nicolas Ruytenbeek 2014 IntroductionNew Perspectives on Utterance Interpretation and Implicit Contents, Rossi, Daniela and Nicolas Ruytenbeek (eds.), pp. 1–2 | Miscellaneous
Ruytenbeek, Nicolas 2012 Les actes de langage indirects sont-ils tous conventionnels ?Revue Romane 47:2, pp. 258–282 | Article
This paper focuses on the variety of ways to communicate a directive illocutionary act in modern French. I argue that every type of directive speech act can be regarded as stemming from a convention, be it a linguistic one, for on-record speech acts, or a discursive one, for off-record speech acts.… read more