Eric Corre

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Subjects Comparative linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical literature & literary studies | Translation Studies


Corre, Eric, Henriette E. de Swart and Teresa M. Xiqués 2023 Intermediate perfects: A comparison of Dutch, Catalan and BretonLanguages in Contrast: Online-First Articles | Article
The cross-linguistic variation in distribution and meaning of perfect constructions building on have + past participle in Western European languages has been analysed in terms of the aoristic drift, the shift from resultative via perfect to perfective past meaning that takes us… read more
The lexeme for give in Khmer, aoj, is highly polyfunctional (Robert 2004, Heine 2013, Do-Hurinville & Hancil 2015) and it frequently occurs in verb serialization (Durie 1997, Aikhenvald & Dixon 2006) : Jau:k samla: tev aoj chkae si: tev ! take soup go give dog eat then… read more
Cross-linguistically, progressive constructions, a sub-category of imperfectives, often have a locative origin, but they take on a host of language-specific meanings. This corpus-based study focuses on the narrative and descriptive modes in English and Breton translations of the novel: in both… read more
This chapter is an empirical investigation into the expression of bounded single situations across four languages, based on a parallel corpus (Camus’s The Stranger and translations into English, Russian, Hungarian). Smith (1991)’s two-component theory of aspect, whereby situation aspect combines… read more