Guillaume Segerer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Guillaume Segerer plays a role.


Segerer, Guillaume and Martine Vanhove 2019 Color naming in AfricaLexicalization patterns in color naming: A cross-linguistic perspective, Raffaelli, Ida, Daniela Katunar and Barbara Kerovec (eds.), pp. 1–44 | Chapter
This chapter is the first large-scale typological survey of the lexical means used in African languages to express color-related meanings. It is based on a very large sample, with data from 350 languages, most of which come from the RefLex online lexical database. It focuses on language-internal… read more
Dom, Sebastian, Guillaume Segerer and Koen Bostoen 2015 Antipassive/associative polysemy in Cilubà (Bantu, L31a): A plurality of relations analysisStudies in Language 39:2, pp. 354–385 | Article
Antipassive constructions are commonly associated with languages with a predominantly ergative alignment. In this article, we show that antipassive constructions can also occur in predominantly accusative languages such as Cilubà, a Bantu language of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is… read more