David Deterding

List of John Benjamins publications for which David Deterding plays a role.



Deterding, David 2014 The evolution of Brunei English: How it is contributing to the development of English in the worldThe Evolution of Englishes: The Dynamic Model and beyond, Buschfeld, Sarah, Thomas Hoffmann, Magnus Huber and Alexander Kautzsch (eds.), pp. 420–433 | Article
Brunei English is changing in ways that seem to reflect global trends in World Englishes, including the occurrence of spelling pronunciation, avoidance of vowel reduction, and use of plurals such as equipments. However, some developments in Brunei English may not be so widely shared, including the… read more
Sharbawi, Salbrina and David Deterding 2010 Rhoticity in Brunei EnglishEnglish World-Wide 31:2, pp. 121–137 | Article
We might expect Brunei English to be non-rhotic, as the Englishes of both Singapore and Malaysia are non-rhotic and Brunei has strong ethnic, historical, economic and cultural ties with those two countries. The current study compares the R-colouring of read data from female undergraduates in… read more
Deterding, David, Jennie Wong and Andy Kirkpatrick 2008 The pronunciation of Hong Kong EnglishEnglish World-Wide 29:2, pp. 148–175 | Article
This paper provides a detailed description of the pronunciation of English by fifteen fourth-year undergraduates at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. First, the occurrence of American features of pronunciation is considered. Then there is an analysis of the pronunciation of initial TH, initial… read more
Deterding, David 2006 The pronunciation of English by speakers from ChinaEnglish World-Wide 27:2, pp. 175–198 | Article
Despite the large number of speakers of English in China, little previous work has been done to describe their pronunciation. Thirteen young speakers from north-east, east and central China were recorded reading a passage and participating in a short interview, and their pronunciation is analyzed.… read more
Deterding, David 2005 Emergent patterns in the vowels of Singapore EnglishEnglish World-Wide 26:2, pp. 179–197 | Article
In the past, the vowels of Singapore English (SgE) have often been described with reference to British English (BrE). However, certain idiosyncratic patterns are now emerging, and these often cannot be predicted by referring to any other varieties of English. The vowels in words such as egg, beg,… read more
The formants of the conversational vowels of five male and five female Singapore English (SgE) speakers are measured and compared with comparable measurements of British English (BrE) in order to gain a comprehensive view of the vowel space of Singaporean speakers and to determine which of the… read more