Kearsy Cormier

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kearsy Cormier plays a role.


Cormier, Kearsy, Sandra Smith and Zed Sevcikova Sehyr 2015 Rethinking constructed actionSign Language & Linguistics 18:2, pp. 167–204 | Article
We aim to demonstrate the importance of defining linguistic phenomena by using constructed action or CA (i.e. a stretch of discourse that represents one role or combination of roles depicting actions, utterances, thought, attitudes and/or feelings of one or more referents) as an example. The… read more
Cormier, Kearsy, Adam C. Schembri and Martha E. Tyrone 2008 One hand or two? Nativisation of fingerspelling in ASL and BANZSLSign Language & Linguistics 11:1, pp. 3–44 | Article
In this paper, we focus on the nativisation process as a fully fingerspelled word or fingerspelled letters become a fingerspelled loan or initialised sign. Previous models of nativisation (e.g., Brentari & Padden 2001) have described forms derived from one-handed fingerspelling systems; however,… read more