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Aesthetic Engagement During Moments of Suffering

Edited by Don Kuiken and Mary Beth Oliver

Special issue of Scientific Study of Literature 3:2 (2013) v, 153 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Theoretical literature & literary studies


Although several measures of reading engagement (e.g., absorption, immersion) have been developed in recent years, the possibility that they reflect different constructs has not been systematically examined. The present study investigated two factorially independent forms of reading engagement… read more
Kuiken, Don and Shawn Douglas 2018 Living metaphor as the site of bidirectional literary engagementEmpirical Studies of Literariness, Salgaro, Massimo and Paul Sopčák (eds.), pp. 47–76 | Article
Articulation of an interactive model of literariness calls for separate specification of (a) a text’s perceptible mode of representation, (b) a reader’s mode of engagement with a text so perceived, and (c) the generative (e.g., creative, expressive) effects of the interaction between this mode of… read more
Kuiken, Don and Shawn Douglas 2017 Chapter 11. Forms of absorption that facilitate the aesthetic and explanatory effects of literary readingNarrative Absorption, Hakemulder, Frank, Moniek M. Kuijpers, Ed S. Tan, Katalin Bálint and Miruna M. Doicaru (eds.), pp. 217–249 | Chapter
Rather than articulating a univocal conception of absorption, we provide a theoretical rationale for the Absorption-like States Questionnaire (ASQ), an instrument that incorporates alternative conceptions of absorption based upon contrasts between forms of (1) attention (sustained concentration and… read more
Mangen, Anne and Don Kuiken 2014 Lost in an iPad: Narrative engagement on paper and tabletScientific Study of Literature 4:2, pp. 150–177 | Article
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of reading medium and a paratext manipulation on aspects of narrative engagement. In a 2 (medium: booklet vs. iPad) by 2 (paratext: fiction vs. nonfiction) between-subjects factorial design, the study combined state oriented measures of… read more
Hanauer, David I., Don Kuiken and Frank Hakemulder 2013 The scope of SSOL: A discussion of the boundaries of science and literatureAesthetic Engagement During Moments of Suffering, Kuiken, Don and Mary Beth Oliver (eds.), pp. 169–174 | Article
Kuiken, Don and Mary Beth Oliver 2013 Aesthetic engagement during moments of sufferingAesthetic Engagement During Moments of Suffering, Kuiken, Don and Mary Beth Oliver (eds.), pp. 294–321 | Article
We provide a review of the literature concerning aesthetic engagement (especially with literature and film) during times of distress. The objective is to offer a conceptual framework for this fledging research area and to provide a context for several manuscripts on this topic included in a Special… read more
Kuiken, Don and Mary Beth Oliver 2013 Aesthetic engagement during moments of suffering: A special issueAesthetic Engagement During Moments of Suffering, Kuiken, Don and Mary Beth Oliver (eds.), pp. 175–177 | Article
Kuiken, Don and Ruby Sharma 2013 Effects of loss and trauma on sublime disquietude during literary readingAesthetic Engagement During Moments of Suffering, Kuiken, Don and Mary Beth Oliver (eds.), pp. 240–265 | Article
Two studies of literary reading described the effects of loss, trauma, and traumatic loss on moments of disclosure during expressive engagement with the text. Study 1 compared readers who had experienced recent loss, recent trauma or neither recent loss nor trauma. Study 2 extended this paradigm to… read more
Kuiken, Don, Paul Campbell and Paul Sopčák 2012 The Experiencing Questionnaire: Locating exceptional reading momentsScientific Study of Literature 2:2, pp. 243–272 | Article
The Experiencing Questionnaire (EQ) is a 58-item instrument recently developed to assess some relatively uncommon but theoretically significant types of reading experience. Derived from the phenomenological conception of “experiencing,” it promises psychometrically sound access to the generative… read more
The migration of science into literary studies risks importing an over-simplified conception of “the” scientific method. To avoid this pitfall, it will be crucial to nurture a conception of scientific praxis grounded in historically established methods from a range of scientific disciplines, rather… read more
Kuiken, Don 2008 A theory of expressive readingDirections in Empirical Literary Studies: In honor of Willie van Peer, Zyngier, Sonia, Marisa Bortolussi, Anna Chesnokova and Jan Auracher (eds.), pp. 49–68 | Article
Whether justified by the “affective fallacy” or the “death of the subject,” challenges to expressivist theories of literary reading have been persuasive. What seems lacking is theory that respects the fragility of felt meanings and the vitality found in their uncovering. Addressing this lack… read more