María Basterrechea

List of John Benjamins publications for which María Basterrechea plays a role.


Martínez-Adrián, María, María Juncal Gutiérrez Mangado, Francisco Gallardo-del-Puerto and María Basterrechea 2021 Language-related episodes by young CLIL learners: A review of task modality effectsResearch on EFL learning by young children in Spain, García Mayo, María del Pilar (ed.), pp. 214–245 | Article
Task modality has been found to affect the production, nature and resolution of Language Related Episodes (LREs). However, a substantial number of investigations have been conducted with adult learners (i.e. García Mayo & Azkarai, 2016; Niu, 2009; Payant & Kim, 2019), except for García Mayo and… read more
García Mayo, María del Pilar and María Basterrechea 2017 CLIL and SLA: Insights from an interactionist perspectiveApplied Linguistics Perspectives on CLIL, Llinares, Ana and Tom Morton (eds.), pp. 33–50 | Article
The Interaction Hypothesis is one of the explanations for second language acquisition (SLA) (Hatch 1978; Long 1983). Numerous studies have shown that interaction facilitates SLA because learners have the opportunity to negotiate language input, receive feedback and modify their output (Long 1996;… read more
The present study set out to determine how learners’ written production would affect their noticing and production of a specific language form (the English 3rd person singular present tense marker -s) upon receiving relevant input subsequently, in an attempt to contribute to the ongoing debate… read more
Basterrechea, María and María del Pilar García Mayo 2013 2. Language-related episodes during collaborative tasks: A comparison of CLIL and EFL learnersSecond Language Interaction in Diverse Educational Contexts, McDonough, Kim and Alison Mackey (eds.), pp. 25–44 | Chapter
Recent research in different educational settings has provided support for the use of collaborative tasks in which learners consciously reflect on their own language (i.e., produce language-related episodes or LREs). However, little is known about whether learners in… read more
Weinert, Regina, María Basterrechea and María del Pilar García Mayo 2013 Chapter 8. Investigating L2 spoken syntax: A Usage-based perspectiveContemporary Approaches to Second Language Acquisition, García Mayo, María del Pilar, María Juncal Gutiérrez Mangado and María Martínez-Adrián (eds.), pp. 153–176 | Chapter
This chapter explores the implications and applications of research into native spoken language in the context of second language learning and use. Spoken language structures differ in fundamental ways from those of written language and require to be analysed on their own terms. The chapter… read more