Davide Garassino

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Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Masia, Viviana, Davide Garassino, Nicola Brocca and Louis de Saussure 2023 Recalling presupposed information: Evidence from the online processing of presuppositions in political tweetsPragmatics & Cognition 30:1, pp. 92–119 | Article
This article addresses, experimentally, the question of how presuppositions are cognitively processed and retrieved in discourse. In the proposed research, we have administered tweets produced by Italian politicians to native speakers so as to assess how easily they could retrieve the… read more
This paper offers a qualitative and quantitative analysis of French and Italian wh-in situ questions based on spontaneous spoken data. A pragmatic analysis relying on two parameters, propositional activation and pragmatic functions, reveals that the licensing conditions and the use of this… read more
In this paper, we pursue two main (interconnected) goals, relying on a comparable and parallel corpus of French and Italian cleft sentences. First, we assess the most typical formal and functional properties of clefts in these languages, while also considering variation due to the different types… read more
This article provides a comprehensive survey on current research on information structure so as to clarify some ‘paradoxical’ effects stemming from the tension between data and theory. Paradoxes are here defined as unexpected data in light of certain assumptions held in mainstream literature. More… read more
De Cesare, Anna-Maria and Davide Garassino 2018 Chapter 9. Adverbial cleft sentences in Italian, French and English: A comparative perspectiveFocus Realization in Romance and Beyond, García García, Marco and Melanie Uth (eds.), pp. 255–286 | Chapter
The aim of this paper is to offer a multi-layered analysis of adverbial clefts in Italian, French, and English. In particular, we intend to offer a corpus-based study of the syntactic category of the cleft constituent, its semantic type and, finally, the information structure of adverbial clefts.… read more
Unlike in Germanic languages, in the Romance family the prosodic realization of polarity focus is strongly restricted. Instead, we observe a wealth of formal means that involve other language domains, such as the lexicon and non-canonical syntax. In this article, we provide a fine-grained analysis… read more