Dieter Kastovsky

List of John Benjamins publications for which Dieter Kastovsky plays a role.


Variation and Change in Morphology: Selected papers from the 13th International Morphology Meeting, Vienna, February 2008

Edited by Franz Rainer, Wolfgang U. Dressler, Dieter Kastovsky and Hans Christian Luschützky

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 310] 2010. vii, 249 pp.
Subjects Morphology | Theoretical linguistics

Morphology and its demarcations: Selected papers from the 11th Morphology meeting, Vienna, February 2004

Edited by Wolfgang U. Dressler, Dieter Kastovsky, Oskar E. Pfeiffer and Franz Rainer

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 264] 2005. xiv, 320 pp.
Subjects Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


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