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Subjects Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Languages of South America | Theoretical linguistics


Formal approaches to bi- and multilingual grammars rely on two important claims: (i) the grammatical architecture should be able to deal with mono- and bi-/multilingual data without any specific constraints for the latter, (ii) features play a pivotal role in accounting for patterns across and… read more | Article
Lohndal, Terje and Michael T. Putnam 2024 Modeling multilingual grammars: Constraints and predictionsEpistemological issue: The importance of features and exponents: Dissolving Feature Reassembly, Flores, Cristina and Neal Snape (eds.), pp. 105–115
This paper discusses possible attrition of verb second (V2) word order in Norwegian heritage language by investigating a corpus of spontaneous speech produced by 50 2nd–4th generation heritage speakers in North America. The study confirms previous findings that V2 word order is generally stable in… read more | Article
Westergaard, Marit, Øystein Alexander Vangsnes and Terje Lohndal 2017 Variation and change in Norwegian wh-questions: The role of the complementizer som Syntactic Variation and Change, Håkansson, David, Ida Larsson and Erik Magnusson Petzell (eds.), pp. 8–43
In this paper, we consider variation in Verb Second (V2) word order in wh-questions across Norwegian dialects by investigating data from the Nordic Syntax Database (NSD), which consists of acceptability judgments collected at more than 100 locations in Norway. We trace the geographical distribution… read more | Article
Haegeman, Liliane and Terje Lohndal 2015 Be careful how you use the left peripheryStructures, Strategies and Beyond: Studies in honour of Adriana Belletti, Di Domenico, Elisa, Cornelia Hamann and Simona Matteini (eds.), pp. 135–162
The paper evaluates two left-peripheral analyses of gapping: one cartographic analysis, and a second Minimalist analysis, which aligns the left-peripheral movement of gapping with fronting for contrastive effects. It is shown that there are similar problems for both these analyses, in particular… read more | Article
Lohndal, Terje 2013 IntroductionIn Search of Universal Grammar: From Old Norse to Zoque, Lohndal, Terje (ed.), pp. 1–6
Lohndal, Terje 2009 Chapter 9. The Copula cycleCyclical Change, Gelderen, Elly van (ed.)
Lohndal, Terje 2007 On the structure and development of nominal phrases in NorwegianNominal Determination: Typology, context constraints, and historical emergence, Stark, Elisabeth, Elisabeth Leiss and Werner Abraham (eds.), pp. 287–310
The suffixed definite article in Modern Norwegian developed from a clitic in Old Norse. Such a change creates interesting theoretical questions as to how we can account for this difference in phrase structural terms, and how such a change manifests itself. This paper discusses exactly this question… read more | Article