Jessica A. Barlow

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Perspectives on Phonological Theory and Development: In honor of Daniel A. Dinnsen

Edited by Ashley W. Farris-Trimble and Jessica A. Barlow

Subjects Language acquisition | Phonology | Theoretical linguistics


Barlow, Jessica A. and Sonja Pruitt-Lord 2014 The role of phonological context in children’s overt marking of ‘-s’ in two dialects 
of American EnglishPerspectives on Phonological Theory and Development: In honor of Daniel A. Dinnsen, Farris-Trimble, Ashley W. and Jessica A. Barlow (eds.), pp. 133–154 | Article
We consider the role of preceding and following phonological context in the variable marking of monosegmental English plural and 3rd-person singular morphemes by African-American English speaking children (Study 1), and by younger children speaking a more mainstream variety of American English… read more
Fabiano-Smith, Leah, Rebecca Shuriff, Jessica A. Barlow and Brian A. Goldstein 2014  Dialect density in bilingual Puerto Rican Spanish-English speaking childrenLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 4:1, pp. 34–60 | Article
It is still largely unknown how the two phonological systems of bilingual children interact. In this exploratory study, we examine children’s use of dialect features to determine how their speech sound systems interact. Six monolingual Puerto Rican Spanish-speaking children and six bilingual… read more
Barlow, Jessica A. 2006 Constraint conflict in the acquisition of clusters in SpanishOptimality-Theoretic Studies in Spanish Phonology, Martínez-Gil, Fernando and Sonia Colina (eds.), pp. 525–548 | Article
This study characterizes the cluster production patterns of four Spanish-speaking children, whose data are drawn from original and published research. Each child demonstrates a different pattern of production. The data support previous claims that there is a general preference for “sonority-based… read more