Martijn van der Klis

List of John Benjamins publications for which Martijn van der Klis plays a role.


We develop a linguistic analysis of the distribution and meaning of the verb forms used to translate the Passé Composé in Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, English and Greek. To achieve this, we carry out a multilingual comparison of tense use in L’Étranger, based on an exploration of data… read more
Le Bruyn, Bert, Martijn van der Klis and Henriette E. de Swart 2019 The Perfect in dialogue: Evidence from DutchLinguistics in the Netherlands 2019, Berns, Janine and Elena Tribushinina (eds.), pp. 162–175 | Article
We investigate the use of the perfect in dialogue in Dutch and – for comparison – report on data from Dutch narrative discourse as well as on data from both registers in English. Our approach is corpus-based with data drawn from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and its translation to… read more
Klis, Martijn van der 2018 Deriving anteriority in the perfect of recent past Linguistics in the Netherlands 2018, Le Bruyn, Bert and Janine Berns (eds.), pp. 35–50 | Article
Most Romance languages share a grammaticalized construction to refer to events in the recent past, e.g. the passé récent in French and the pasado reciente in Spanish. In English, typically a present perfect alongside the adverb just is used to convey this meaning, commonly referred to as perfect… read more