Jennifer Ament

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jennifer Ament plays a role.


The purpose of the present study is to offer insights into how Spanish undergraduates, who were mid-way through an English-medium programme at a university in Catalonia, articulate their past decision to study an academic subject in English. Economics students (34 in total) completed an oral… read more
Ament, Jennifer, Carmen Pérez-Vidal and Júlia Barón 2018 The effects of English-medium instruction on the use of textual and interpersonal pragmatic markersPragmatics 28:4, pp. 517–546 | Article
This study examines a semi and a full English-medium instruction (EMI) undergraduate program offered at a Catalan university in order to measure its effect on the students’ oral output. Specifically, it tackles the acquisition of pragmatic markers (PMs) by measuring four variables, the overall… read more