Alexander Elias

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alexander Elias plays a role.


Elias, Alexander 2020 Chapter 6. Are the Central Flores languages really typologically unusual?Austronesian Undressed: How and why languages become isolating, Gil, David and Antoinette Schapper (eds.), pp. 287–338 | Chapter
The languages of Central Flores (Austronesian) are typologically distinct from their nearby relatives. They have elaborate numeral classifier systems, quinary numeral systems, and lack all bound morphology. McWhorter (2019) proposes that their isolating typology is due to imperfect language… read more
Elias, Alexander 2019 Visualizing the Boni dialectswith Historical GlottometryUnderstanding language genealogy: Alternatives to the tree model, Kalyan, Siva, Alexandre François and Harald Hammarström (eds.), pp. 70–91 | Article
This paper deals with the historical relations between dialects of Boni, a Cushitic language of Kenya and Somalia. Boni forms the subject of Volume 10 of the Language and Dialect Atlas of Kenya (Heine & Möhlig 1982). Heine presents evidence for three subgroups within Boni, as well as several… read more