Lourdes Cerezo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lourdes Cerezo plays a role.


Coyle, Yvette, Florentina Nicolás-Conesa and Lourdes Cerezo 2023 Chapter 3. Overview of methodological procedures in research on written corrective feedback processingResearch Methods in the Study of L2 Writing Processes, Manchón, Rosa M. and Julio Roca de Larios (eds.), pp. 60–81 | Chapter
This chapter offers a critical overview of the methods used in research on written corrective feedback processing. Broadly framed within interventionist and non-interventionist strands of research on the grounds of whether or not feedback and other task or participant-related variables are… read more
Manchón, Rosa M., Florentina Nicolás-Conesa, Lourdes Cerezo and Raquel Criado 2020 Chapter 11. L2 writers’ processing of written corrective feedback: Depth of processing via written languagingLanguaging in Language Learning and Teaching: A collection of empirical studies, Suzuki, Wataru and Neomy Storch (eds.), pp. 241–266 | Chapter
In this study we investigated (i) whether levels of depth of processing (DoP) are mediated by writing conditions (individual vs. collaborative writing), and (ii) the relationship between DoP and accuracy measures in the texts produced before and after processing feedback. Participants (118… read more