Thomas Belligh

List of John Benjamins publications for which Thomas Belligh plays a role.


Belligh, Thomas, Ludovic De Cuypere and Claudia Crocco 2023 Alternating Italian thetic and sentence-focus constructions: A case studyRevue Romane 58:2, pp. 246–277 | Article
In this article we study the alternation between the two most prominent Italian thetic and sentence-focus constructions, viz. the Syntactic Inversion Construction (henceforth: SIC), e.g. Arriva il treno (‘The train is arriving’), and the Presentational Cleft (henceforth: PC), e.g. C’è il treno… read more
Belligh, Thomas 2020 Are theticity and sentence-focus encoded grammatical categories of Dutch?Thetics and Categoricals, Abraham, Werner, Elisabeth Leiss and Yasuhiro Fujinawa (eds.), pp. 33–68 | Chapter
This article examines whether theticity and sentence-focus can be considered to be encoded grammatical categories of Dutch. After providing some background about theticity and sentence-focus, the concept ‘encoded grammatical category’ is operationalized along the lines of Integral Linguistics or… read more
This article studies the various uses of a Dutch thetic and sentence-focus construction, viz. the Syntactic Inversion with Filler Insertion Construction (henceforth: SIFIC), e.g. Er loopt een man over straat (‘There is a man walking across the street’). The article investigates whether theticity… read more
Belligh, Thomas 2018 The role of referential givenness in Dutch alternating presentational constructionsNon-prototypical clefts, Karssenberg, Lena, Karen Lahousse, Béatrice Lamiroy, Stefania Marzo and Ana Drobnjakovic (eds.), pp. 21–52 | Article
Presentational constructions are linguistic structures that can convey all-focus utterances with no topic constituent that serve to introduce a referentially new entity or event into the discourse. Like many other languages, Dutch has several presentational constructions, including a Prosodic… read more