Alan H. Kawamoto

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alan H. Kawamoto plays a role.


Liu, Qiang, Bryan B. Holbrook, Alan H. Kawamoto and Peter A. Krause 2021 Verbal reaction times based on tracking lip movementThe Mental Lexicon 16:2/3, pp. 271–324 | Article
Valid and reliable measurements of response latency are crucial in testing empirical predictions across fields of psychology. In research utilizing verbal responses, acoustic latency is the typical measure of response latency, but its validity has been questioned. We describe a simple and… read more
Kawamoto, Alan H. 1994 One System or Two to Handle Regulars and Exceptions: How Time-Course of Processing can Inform this DebateThe Reality of Linguistic Rules, Lima, Susan D., Roberta Corrigan and Gregory Iverson, pp. 389 ff. | Article