Eric Kellerman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Eric Kellerman plays a role.


Kellerman, Eric, John van IJzendoorn and Hide Takashima 1999 Retesting a Universal: The Empty Category Principle and Learners of (Pseudo) JapaneseThe Acquisition of Japanese as a Second Language, Kanno, Kazue (ed.), pp. 71 ff. | Article
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van Betteraij, Margo, Eric Kellerman and Erik Schils 1996 Self-Disclosure and Safe Topics of Conversation: A Cross-Cultural AppraisalEUROSLA 6: A selection of papers, pp. 35–46 | Article
Studies of the pragmatic aspects of second language acquisition and use (and particularly speech acts) have been rapidly growing in number and quality over the last few years. Such studies are particularly relevant from both theoretical and applied perspectives, but while we seem to know a fair… read more
Kellerman, Eric 1995 Age before beauty: Johnson and Newport revisitedThe Current State of Interlanguage: Studies in honor of William E. Rutherford, Eubank, Lynn, Larry Selinker and Michael Sharwood Smith (eds.), pp. 219 ff. | Article