Shuai Li

List of John Benjamins publications for which Shuai Li plays a role.



Li, Shuai 2023 Chapter 7. Working memory and task difficulty as factors of L2 pragmaticsL2 Pragmatics in Action: Teachers, learners and the teaching-learning interaction process, Martínez-Flor, Alicia, Ariadna Sánchez-Hernández and Júlia Barón (eds.), pp. 169–189 | Chapter
This study explored the effects of working memory capacity and task difficulty on pragmatic performance in Chinese as a second language (L2). Fifty American learners of Chinese completed a pragmatic listening judgment test (LJT), an oral discourse completion test (ODCT), and a working memory test. read more
Li, Shuai, Xiaofei Tang, Naoko Taguchi and Feng Xiao 2022 Effects of linguistic proficiency on speech act development in L2 Chinese during study abroadSecond language pragmatic development in study abroad contexts, Sánchez-Hernández, Ariadna (ed.), pp. 116–151 | Article
This study investigated the effects of different levels of linguistic proficiency on the development of multiple speech acts during study abroad. Participants were 109 American learners of Chinese recruited from a study abroad program in China. They were divided into a higher proficiency (HP)… read more
This study examined the relationship between reported amounts of social contact and speech act strategies among 70 learners of Chinese enrolled in a study abroad program in Beijing. The participants completed a computer-delivered spoken discourse completion task (spoken DCT) eliciting three… read more
This study investigates contextual variations in mitigation production (consisting of internal and external modifications) in Chinese request-making (i.e., what native Chinese speakers consider appropriate to say in hypothetical scenarios). The participants were 22 native Chinese speakers recruited… read more
Pragmatic competence, the ability to conduct socially appropriate communication, plays an important role in influencing the success of business communication. This study examined the availability of explicit pragmatics information and related exercises in eight Business Chinese (BC) textbooks used… read more
This chapter focuses on the amount of pragmatics practice needed for promoting accurate and speedy recognition and production of request-making forms in L2 Chinese. Over four consecutive days, an input group (n = 17) and an output group (n = 17) practiced using target request-making forms via… read more
This chapter aims to review the small body of research that investigates the effects of focused instruction and practice on the development of pragmatic competence in L2 Chinese. Following a discussion of the current understanding of pragmatic competence, the recent development of the field of L2… read more
Taguchi, Naoko, Shuai Li and Yan Liu 2013 Comprehension of conversational implicature in L2 ChinesePragmatics & Cognition 21:1, pp. 139–157 | Article
This study examined the ability to comprehend conventional and non-conventional implicatures, and the effect of proficiency and learning context (foreign language learners vs. heritage learners) on comprehension of implicature in L2 Chinese. Participants were three groups of college students of… read more