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Intermediate Language Varieties: Koinai and regional standards in Europe

Edited by Massimo Cerruti and Stavroula Tsiplakou

[Studies in Language Variation, 24] 2020. vi, 258 pp.
Subjects Contact Linguistics | Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology
Subjects Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Tsiplakou, Stavroula 2024 Chapter 14. Language alternation is not always translanguaging: Data from Cypriot classroomsMultifaceted Multilingualism, Grohmann, Kleanthes K. (ed.), pp. 369–394 | Chapter
This paper addresses the relationship between language alternation and translanguaging and an attempt is made, via an examination of two different sets of data collected with ethnographic tools from a multilingual and a bidialectal classroom in Cyprus, to examine whether the language/code… read more
Tsiplakou, Stavroula 2024 Chapter 7. Little words, small moves: Clitic placement and syntactic changeThe Continuity of Linguistic Change: Selected papers in honour of Juan Andrés Villena-Ponsoda, Vida-Castro, Matilde and Antonio Manuel Ávila-Muñoz (eds.), pp. 140–163 | Chapter
This paper explores clitic placement in two different varieties of Greek, Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek, and it is argued that, under heavy influence from the standard variety, the Cypriot variety is undergoing change as regards a core property of its syntax, namely the placement of… read more
Nicosia is a divided European capital; the two major ethnic communities on the island, Greek and Turkish Cypriots, were separated de facto following the war of 1974. The inner-city areas delimited by the UN-controlled buffer zone were long abandoned but recently there have been attempts at… read more
Cerruti, Massimo and Stavroula Tsiplakou 2020 Chapter 1. Koinai and regional standard varieties in Europe: An introductionIntermediate Language Varieties: Koinai and regional standards in Europe, Cerruti, Massimo and Stavroula Tsiplakou (eds.), pp. 1–29 | Chapter
This contribution examines some cases of arrested convergence to the standard variety in Cypriot Greek, the ‘L’ variety in Cyprus’ diglossic context; we explore some of the reasons why full convergence of the Cypriot Greek koine to Standard Greek does not take place and why certain dialect features… read more
Tsiplakou, Stavroula, Spyros Armostis, Spyridoula Bella, Dimitris Michelioudakis and Amalia Moser 2019 Chapter 15. The past perfect in Cypriot Greek: Innovation because – or irrespective – of contact?Language Variation - European Perspectives VII: Selected papers from the Ninth International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 9), Malaga, June 2017, Villena-Ponsoda, Juan-Andrés, Francisco Díaz Montesinos, Antonio Manuel Ávila-Muñoz and Matilde Vida-Castro (eds.), pp. 231–244 | Chapter
The Cypriot Greek koine displays structural innovations, arguably as a result of prolonged contact with Standard Greek (SG), the ‘H’ variety in the diglossic context of the Greek Cypriot speech community. Periphrastic perfect forms are among such innovations. As regards the Past Perfect, in… read more
Cypriot and Standard Greek still stand in a diglossic relationship; however, recent work on Cypriot Greek points to ongoing processes of levelling of local sub-varieties and the emergence of a pancypriot koiné. This paper explores patterns of structural mixing between Standard and Cypriot Greek in… read more
Tsiplakou, Stavroula 2014 Does convergence generate stability? The case of the Cypriot Greek koinéStability and Divergence in Language Contact: Factors and Mechanisms, Braunmüller, Kurt, Steffen Höder and Karoline Kühl (eds.), pp. 163–178 | Article
The diglossic situation between Cypriot and Standard Modern Greek is still a long way from being resolved; claims to the contrary often rest on the consideration of some structural properties of the emergent Cypriot Greek koiné, which are, arguably, of a ‘mixed’ nature, thereby pointing to a… read more
Melissaropoulou, Dimitra, Charalambos Themistocleous, Stavroula Tsiplakou and Simeon Tsolakidis 2013 The Present Perfect in Cypriot Greek revisitedLanguage Variation - European Perspectives IV: Selected papers from the Sixth International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 6), Freiburg, June 2011, Auer, Peter, Javier Caro Reina and Göz Kaufmann (eds.), pp. 159–172 | Article
This paper examines the emergence of innovative Present Perfect structures in the Cypriot Greek koiné through a quantitative study supplemented by naturalistically sampled data. The results of the study indicate that innovative Present Perfect structures are emergent in contemporary Cypriot Greek,… read more
Tsiplakou, Stavroula 2009 Doing (Bi)lingualism: Language alternation as performative construction of online identitiesLanguage, discourse and identities: Snapshot from Greek contexts, Georgakopoulou, Alexandra and Vally Lytra (eds.), pp. 361–391 | Article
The purpose of this paper is to examine practices of language alternation in email communication among native speakers of Greek and to argue that such practices are a facet of the performative construction of an ‘online’ communicative identity. In the slowly-growing body of literature on… read more
Tsiplakou, Stavroula, Marilena Karyolemou and Pavlos Pavlou 2009 IntroductionLanguage Variation – European perspectives II: Selected papers from the 4th International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 4), Nicosia, June 2007, Tsiplakou, Stavroula, Marilena Karyolemou and Pavlos Pavlou (eds.), pp. 1–12 | Article