Dorothy Kenny

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Fair MT: Towards ethical, sustainable Machine Translation

Edited by Joss Moorkens, Dorothy Kenny and Félix do Carmo

Special issue of Translation Spaces 9:1 (2020) v, 176 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Translation Studies


Kenny, Dorothy 2021 Ethics in translation and for translatorsHandbook of Translation Studies: Volume 5, Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 73–78 | Article
Kenny, Dorothy 2020 Editorial welcomeTranslation Spaces 9:2, pp. 177–178 | Editorial
Kenny, Dorothy and Marion Winters 2020 Machine translation, ethics and the literary translator’s voiceFair MT: Towards ethical, sustainable Machine Translation, Moorkens, Joss, Dorothy Kenny and Félix do Carmo (eds.), pp. 123–149 | Article
Recent work in translation studies has established the literary translator’s voice as an ethical concern, but there has been little empirical research so far into how the translator’s voice is affected in workflows involving machine translation. In this article, we investigate how the use of… read more
Kenny, Dorothy, Joss Moorkens and Félix do Carmo 2020 Fair MT: Towards ethical, sustainable machine translationFair MT: Towards ethical, sustainable Machine Translation, Moorkens, Joss, Dorothy Kenny and Félix do Carmo (eds.), pp. 1–11 | Introduction
Satthachai, Mali and Dorothy Kenny 2019 Deontic modality in English-Thai legislative translation: A corpus-based studyCorpus-Based Research in Legal and Institutional Translation, Prieto Ramos, Fernando (ed.), pp. 39–66 | Article
Scholarly interest in legislative translation has grown substantially over recent decades, with corpus-based approaches contributing to our understanding of the relationship between translated legislation and source texts, on the one hand, and translated and non-translated legislative texts in… read more
Kenny, Dorothy 1999 CAT Tools in an Academic Environment: What Are They Good For?Target 11:1, pp. 65–82 | Article
Many universities have now incorporated commercially available translators ' workbench-style systems into their translator-training programmes. But, when it comes to computer-aided translation (CAT), the university's role need not be confined to teaching students how to operate some third party's… read more