Wout Van Praet

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Grammar, usage and discourse: Functional studies offered to Kristin Davidse

Edited by Lieven Vandelanotte, Wout Van Praet and Lieselotte Brems

Special issue of English Text Construction 10:2 (2017) v, 159 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | English linguistics | English literature & literary studies | Theoretical literature & literary studies


This paper studies the discourse-embedding of specificational clauses, in contrast with predicative ones. Specificational clauses – which express a variable – value relation – are assumed to have a ‘fixed’ information structure. This follows from the widespread definition of information… read more
This paper investigates the use of aspect and modality in English predicative and specificational copulars. To examine attractions of aspectual and modal meanings to the VPs in the copular constructions, I carry out collostructional analyses (Stefanowitsch & Gries 2003). These attractions are… read more