Mari Nygård

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Subjects Generative linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Nygård, Mari and Heidi Brøseth 2021 Norwegian teacher students’ conceptions of grammarPedagogical Linguistics 2:2, pp. 129–152 | Article
This paper explores the conceptions of grammar of first-year teacher students (N = 235) in Norway. A conventional content analysis is used to analyse the answers from the first part of a survey exploring the teacher students’ views of grammar through the following questions: Q1. How would you… read more
Nygård, Mari 2014 Norwegian discourse ellipses in the left periphery – interacting structural and semantic restrictionsThe Sociolinguistics of Grammar, Åfarli, Tor A. and Brit Mæhlum (eds.), pp. 171–190 | Article
In Norwegian discourse ellipses, elements in the left edge of the clause are most frequently elided. Yet, a topic drop analysis is argued to be empirically too narrow, since occasionally the whole C-domain is silent. I propose an analysis which combines semantic and structural restrictions:… read more