Maria Kihlstedt

List of John Benjamins publications for which Maria Kihlstedt plays a role.


Kail, Michèle, Maria Kihlstedt and Philippe Bonnet 2018 Chapter 15. Online sentence processing in simultaneous French/Swedish bilingualsSources of Variation in First Language Acquisition: Languages, contexts, and learners, Hickmann, Maya †, Edy Veneziano and Harriet Jisa (eds.), pp. 313–338 | Chapter
Within the Competition Model, cue validity and cue cost can serve to make predictions about real-time sentence processing in a cross-linguistic perspective. Previous research with monolingual children and adults in French (Kail 2004) and Swedish (Kail et al. 2012) proposed that cue cost is… read more
In this study, we provide a comparison of adult and child L2 acquisition in relation to their use of the imparfait form in L2 French. Previous research on this form shows that it is an area of considerable difficulty, being lexically and functionally restricted in use even in advanced stages of… read more