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Heritage Languages: A language contact approach

Suzanne Aalberse, Ad Backus and Pieter Muysken

[Studies in Bilingualism, 58] 2019. xix, 302 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Contact Linguistics | Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology

Linguistics in the Netherlands 2013

Edited by Suzanne Aalberse and Anita Auer

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 30] 2013. iv, 213 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics

Linguistics in the Netherlands 2012

Edited by Marion Elenbaas and Suzanne Aalberse

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 29] 2012. v, 158 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Language contact implies more variation in language use, both in the individual and in the community. This increased variation can accelerate language change, but it can also halt it (Aalberse et al. 2019; Muysken 2013). Which parts of language do change, and which parts do not depends on cognitive… read more | Chapter
Aalberse, Suzanne, Sible Andringa, Martina Faber and Phine Lippe 2020 Definiteness in Wenzhounese Chinese in the Netherlands and in China: Evidence for generational change in two locationsLost in Transmission: The role of attrition and input in heritage language development, Brehmer, Bernhard and Jeanine Treffers-Daller (eds.), pp. 15–32
By comparing two generations of speakers in China and the Netherlands, we investigated whether Wenzhounese Chinese as spoken by heritage speakers in the Netherlands might be subject to change due to its contact with the Dutch language. To this end, we considered how nouns referring to already… read more | Chapter
Foster, Daniel, Suzanne Aalberse and Wessel Stoop 2019 Examining Twitter as a source for address research using Colombian SpanishIt’s not all about you: New perspectives on address research, Kluge, Bettina and María Irene Moyna (eds.), pp. 75–98
The present study aims to describe pronominal address use in Colombian varieties of Spanish in a specific context of computer-mediated communication, namely Twitter. This description will serve as a discussion of Twitter as an exciting new source of linguistic data for address research. A large… read more | Chapter
Aalberse, Suzanne, Yiwen Zou and Sible Andringa 2017 Extended use of demonstrative pronouns in two generations of Mandarin Chinese speakers in the Netherlands: Evidence of convergence?Cross-linguistic Influence in Bilingualism: In honor of Aafke Hulk, Blom, Elma, Leonie Cornips and Jeannette Schaeffer (eds.), pp. 25–48
This study investigated the use of demonstratives in encoding already mentioned referents in two generations of Mandarin Chinese speakers in the Netherlands. Data from twelve families was compared to baseline data from eight native controls in China. Previous literature suggests that languages… read more | Chapter
Osch, Brechje van, Aafke Hulk, Petra Sleeman and Suzanne Aalberse 2017 Chapter 4. Knowledge of mood in internal and external interface contexts in Spanish heritage speakers in the NetherlandsMultidisciplinary Approaches to Bilingualism in the Hispanic and Lusophone World, Bellamy, Kate, Michael W. Child, Paz González, Antje Muntendam and M. Carmen Parafita Couto (eds.), pp. 67–92
This study investigates Spanish heritage speakers in the Netherlands on their judgments of Spanish mood in a syntactic context and in two interface contexts: the internal interface between syntax and semantics and the external interface between syntax and pragmatics. The strong version of the… read more | Chapter
Aalberse, Suzanne and Francesca Moro 2014 Stability in Chinese and Malay heritage languages as a source of divergenceStability and Divergence in Language Contact: Factors and Mechanisms, Braunmüller, Kurt, Steffen Höder and Karoline Kühl (eds.), pp. 141–162
This article discusses Malay and Chinese heritage languages as spoken in the Netherlands. Heritage speakers are dominant in another language and use their heritage language less. Moreover, they have qualitatively and quantitatively different input from monolinguals. Heritage languages are often… read more | Article
Aalberse, Suzanne and Pieter Muysken 2013 Language contact in heritage languages 
in the NetherlandsLinguistic Superdiversity in Urban Areas: Research approaches, Duarte, Joana and Ingrid Gogolin (eds.), pp. 253–274
This paper discusses heritage languages (HLs) in the Netherlands. First, different types of motivations for the study of heritage languages in general are presented, since the type of motivation for the interest in heritage speakers has a large impact on the type of phenomenon researched. Formal,… read more | Article