Katia Chirkova

List of John Benjamins publications for which Katia Chirkova plays a role.



Chirkova, Katia and Skalbzang Tshering 2023 Verb stem alternations in Pingwu BaimaLinguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 46:2, pp. 165–200 | Article
This paper focuses on stem alternations in Pingwu Baima (Tibetic). It examines a larger corpus of data than the corpora in previous works and systematically relates alternating verbs to classical WT paradigms. Our data reveal a relatively high number of alternating verbs in Baima, with verbs… read more
Through comparison of regular sound correspondences in three closely related Tibeto-Burman (TB) languages, Ersu, Lizu, and Duoxu (collectively “ELD”), informed by external comparison with other TB languages and recent phonetic analyses of the production of voiceless nasals, we reconstruct… read more
Chirkova, Katia and Dehe Wang 2017 甘洛爾蘇話動詞的體貌範疇 [Verbal aspect in Ganluo Ersu]Language and Linguistics 18:3, pp. 355–382 | Article
本文通過語法問卷和長篇語料收集到的材料,以甘洛縣則拉鄉爾蘇話為例,對爾蘇語體貌系統的主要表達手段及其之間的關係進行了探討。本文確定了爾蘇語體系統的核心部分(即完整體與非完整體的對立)以詞彙和派生手段(動詞和動詞前綴)構成。本文指出爾蘇語較次要體的類型(如經驗體等)依靠語法形式手段(體貌標記)表達。本文發現爾蘇語大多數體標記兼表體與示證的意義。最後,本文分別介紹了體貌系統的主要表達手段和相關語料依據。 read more
Duoxu is a terminally endangered and virtually undescribed Tibeto-Burman language, spoken in the historically multi-ethnic and multi-lingual Miǎnníng county of Sìchuān province in the People’s Republic of China. Until recently, Duoxu was known only through a 740-word vocabulary list in the… read more