Marta Pacheco Pinto

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marta Pacheco Pinto plays a role.


Durão, Rosário, Marta Pacheco Pinto, Kristina Henneke and Karen M. Balch 2014 Visualizing science and technology across cultures: Results of a pilot studyInformation Design Journal 21:2, pp. 99–114 | Article
Science and technology (S&T) visuals seem remarkably alike across cultures globally. Yet, individual and cultural experiences of scientists and engineers vary before they master the tools and techniques of their disciplines, and different parts of the world have different understandings of S&T.… read more
Pinto, Marta Pacheco 2013 : The first Portuguese anthology of classical Chinese poetryTranslation in Anthologies and Collections (19th and 20th Centuries), Seruya, Teresa, Lieven D’hulst, Alexandra Assis Rosa and Maria Lin Moniz (eds.), pp. 57–74 | Article
Referred to as a collection of (indirect or mediated) translations or lyrical adaptations, António Feijó’s Cancioneiro chinez (1890), literally the Book of Chinese Songs, is the first anthology of classical Chinese poetry translated into Portuguese. It was translated from Judith Gautier’s Le Livre… read more