Jaehoon Yeon

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Park, Chongwon and Jaehoon Yeon 2023 The Factive, IHRC, and Cleft constructions in KoreanApplying Embodied Cognition and Cognitive Linguistics to language teaching, Della Putta, Paolo and Ferran Suñer (eds.), pp. 140–177 | Article
This article aims to develop a Cognitive Grammar (CG) analysis of three grammatical constructions in Korean, all of which employ the bound noun kes. The data under examination includes the Factive, Internally Headed Relative Clause (IHRC), and Cleft constructions. We propose a uniform treatment… read more
Yeon, Jaehoon 2009 Review of Næss (2007): Prototypical TransitivityStudies in Language 33:1, pp. 233–239 | Review
The causative introduces an external agent into the clausal structure. When an additional agent is introduced into the event, and when it is construed as the agent ultimately responsible for the occurrence of the event, then this ultimate agent is encoded as the subject, and the one that is less… read more