Kim McDonough

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Second Language Interaction in Diverse Educational Contexts

Edited by Kim McDonough and Alison Mackey

[Language Learning & Language Teaching, 34] 2013. xiv, 318 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Psycholinguistics


This exploratory study examined the relationship between second language (L2) English speakers’ comprehensibility and their interactional behaviors as they engaged in a conversation with fellow L2 speakers. Thirty-six pairs of L2 English university students completed a 10-minute academic… read more
Shadowing has been demonstrated to improve various aspects of second language learners’ pronunciation but few studies have investigated whether these changes impact untrained listeners’ perceptions. In the present study, sixteen participants used iPods to practice shadowing short dialogues for… read more
McDonough, Kim and YouJin Kim 2016 Working memory and L2 English speakers’ primed and subsequent production of passivesCognitive Individual Differences in Second Language Processing and Acquisition, Granena, Gisela, Daniel O. Jackson and Yucel Yilmaz (eds.), pp. 205–222 | Chapter
Although first language researchers have investigated the relationship between individual differences and structural priming (Kaschak, Kutta, & Jones 2011; Kidd 2012a, b), fewer studies have explored this relationship in second language (L2) speech production (McDonough, Kielstra, Crowther, &… read more
McDonough, Kim, William J. Crawford and Jindarat De Vleeschauwer 2016 7. Thai EFL learners’ interaction during collaborative writing tasks and its relationship to text qualityPeer Interaction and Second Language Learning: Pedagogical potential and research agenda, Sato, Masatoshi and Susan Ballinger (eds.), pp. 185–208 | Article
Second language (L2) writing research has shown that L2 learners routinely scaffold each other when working together to co-construct written texts. The analysis of peer interaction has focused largely on the occurrence of language-related episodes (LREs), with fewer studies documenting how learners… read more
Drawing on interview data collected at a Thai university, this chapter gives voice to the experiences of instructors who have used tasks as the basis of EFL instruction. After highlighting the instructors’ positive impressions, this chapter focuses on their perceived challenges with task-based… read more
McDonough, Kim and Teresa Hernández González 2013 15. Language production opportunities during whole-group interaction in conversation group settingsSecond Language Interaction in Diverse Educational Contexts, McDonough, Kim and Alison Mackey (eds.), pp. 293–314 | Chapter
This study analyzes the whole-group interaction between preservice teachers (N = 15) and ESL speakers during conversation groups that were organized as part of the requirements of a TESL methods course. Analysis of the teacher-led interactions focused on the occurrence of language production… read more
Recent research has indicated that L2 learners who carry out collaborative syntactic priming activities with trained interlocutors or their peers subsequently produce target constructions rather than interlanguage forms. However, studies to date have not explored whether certain types of syntactic… read more
McDonough, Kim and Pavel Trofimovich 2011 Chapter 11. Expanding the scope of priming researchApplying priming methods to L2 learning, teaching and research: Insights from Psycholinguistics, Trofimovich, Pavel and Kim McDonough (eds.), pp. 241–249 | Article
Trofimovich, Pavel and Kim McDonough 2011 Chapter 1. Using priming methods to study L2 learning and teachingApplying priming methods to L2 learning, teaching and research: Insights from Psycholinguistics, Trofimovich, Pavel and Kim McDonough (eds.), pp. 1–17 | Article