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Subjects Comparative linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical literature & literary studies | Translation Studies

Transcategoriality: A crosslinguistic perspective

Edited by Sylvie Hancil, Danh Thành Do-Hurinville and Huy Linh Dao

Special issue of Cognitive Linguistic Studies 5:1 (2018) v, 187 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Cognitive psychology | Neurolinguistics | Psycholinguistics


Juste belongs to those words (justement, limite, grave, côté, question, niveau…) that today one cannot do without, both in everyday conversation and in the media! After pointing out that juste, from the Latin justus, is a transcategorial unit par excellence, as it can be an adjective, a noun, or… read more
After shortly reviewing the four main uses of the French passé composé (PC) and the main features of TAME expression in Vietnamese, we analyze the first chapter of L’Étranger as a corpus of study to examine the Vietnamese translation of the PC forms. A succession of aoristic PCs is predominantly… read more
Do-Hurinville, Danh Thành and Huy Linh Dao 2018 Transcategoriality and isolating languages: The case of VietnameseTranscategoriality: A crosslinguistic perspective, Hancil, Sylvie, Danh Thành Do-Hurinville and Huy Linh Dao (eds.), pp. 8–38 | Article
In the first part, we show that the notion of transcategoriality, which is present in several types of languages (inflectional, isolating, agglutinative), serves to reconcile two antinomic forces of human linguistic activity: to satisfy cognitive-communicative needs and to limit the effort/to… read more
Hancil, Sylvie, Danh Thành Do-Hurinville and Huy Linh Dao 2018 Introduction: Transcategoriality: A crosslinguistic perspectiveTranscategoriality: A crosslinguistic perspective, Hancil, Sylvie, Danh Thành Do-Hurinville and Huy Linh Dao (eds.), pp. 1–7 | Introduction
Dao, Huy Linh et Danh Thành Do-Hurinville 2017 Préposition, coordonnant, connecteur discursif: Étude des marqueurs transcatégoriels của et với en vietnamien contemporainMots de liaison et d'intégration: Prépositions, conjonctions et connecteurs, Ponchon, Thierry, Hava Bat-Zeev Shyldkrot et Annie Bertin (dir.), pp. 215–238 | Chapter
Cet article examine deux morphèmes transcatégoriels en vietnamien moderne, của et với. Y est défendue l’idée selon laquelle le comportement de ces marqueurs polyfonctionnels, caractérisé par la variabilité de leurs champs d’application syntaxiques et sémantiques, provient de leur structure… read more