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Macro and micro-social variation in Asia-Pacific sign languages

Edited by Nick Palfreyman

Special issue of Asia-Pacific Language Variation 6:1 (2020) v, 150 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics


Abstract (International Sign) In contrast to sociolinguistic research on spoken languages, little attention has been paid to how signers employ variation as a resource to fashion social meaning. This study focuses on an extremely understudied social practice, that of sign language usage in… read more
Abstract (Japanese Sign Language) The numerals 10, 100 and 1,000 are expressed variably in Japanese Sign Language (JSL) and Taiwan Sign Language (TSL), two languages that also have historic links. JSL was used in deaf schools that were established in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial… read more
Zeshan, Ulrike and Nick Palfreyman 2019 Chapter 14. Sensory perception metaphors in sign languagesPerception Metaphors, Speed, Laura J., Carolyn O'Meara, Lila San Roque and Asifa Majid (eds.), pp. 275–302 | Chapter
In this chapter, we explore perceptual metaphors across a convenience sample of data from 24 sign languages. To do this, the chapter uses the framework of Sign Language Typology, the systematic comparative study of grammatical/semantic domains across sign languages (Zeshan & Palfreyman, 2017). Sign… read more