Marilyn Vihman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marilyn Vihman plays a role.

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Vihman, Marilyn 2018 Chapter 10. The development of prosodic structure: A usage-based approachThe Development of Prosody in First Language Acquisition, Prieto, Pilar and Núria Esteve-Gibert (eds.), pp. 185–206
Scholarly views are divided as to the source of children’s knowledge of prosodic structure. Within the framework of a usage-based approach, this chapter compares prosodic structures in children learning four languages at the end of the single-word period in order to identify sources of both… read more | Chapter
Vihman, Marilyn and Sophie Wauquier 2018 Chapter 1. Templates in child languageSources of Variation in First Language Acquisition: Languages, contexts, and learners, Hickmann, Maya †, Edy Veneziano and Harriet Jisa (eds.), pp. 27–44
To what extent do developmental templates, or idiosyncratic child word patterns, reflect (i) universal tendencies of neurophysiologically grounded production, (ii) perceptually-based guidance due to the frequency of occurrence in input speech or to the rhythmic patterning of the adult language, or… read more | Chapter
The emergence of features plays a key role in any theory of phonological development that does not assume that they are innately available before the onset of speech. After reviewing Jakobson’s claims for universal orders of emergence, we consider possible criteria for feature or segment… read more | Article
Vihman, Marilyn and Virve-Anneli Vihman 2011 From first words to segments: A case study in phonological developmentExperience, Variation and Generalization: Learning a first language, Arnon, Inbal and Eve V. Clark (eds.), pp. 109–134
The emergence and later fading of two phonological templates – a ‘palatal’ template and consonant harmony – are investigated in the first 500 words produced by a child acquiring Estonian and English. Throughout the period the child's use of palatal forms, in particular, considerably exceeds their… read more | Article
Thierry, Guillaume and Marilyn Vihman 2008 5. The onset of word form recognition: A behavioural and neurophysiological studyEarly Language Development: Bridging brain and behaviour, Friederici, Angela D. and Guillaume Thierry (eds.), pp. 115–135
Vihman, Marilyn 2002 The role of mirror neurons in the ontogeny of speechMirror Neurons and the Evolution of Brain and Language, Stamenov, Maxim I. and Vittorio Gallese (eds.), pp. 305–314
Vihman, Marilyn 1980 Sound change and child languagePapers from the Fourth International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Stanford, March 26–30 1979, Traugott, Elizabeth Closs, Rebecca Labrum and Susan C. Shepherd (eds.), pp. 303–320