Marian A.F. Klamer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marian A.F. Klamer plays a role.


Klamer, Marian A.F. 2020 Chapter 7. From Lamaholot to Alorese: Morphological loss in adult language contactAustronesian Undressed: How and why languages become isolating, Gil, David and Antoinette Schapper (eds.), pp. 339–368 | Chapter
Alorese is a prime example of a morphologically isolating language. This paper traces the process of morphological simplification it has undergone by addressing the following questions: (i) What was the morphological profile of its ancestor, pre-Alorese? (ii) When did Alorese start to lose its… read more
Klamer, Marian A.F. 2014 Chapter 6. The history of numeral classifiers in Teiwa (Papuan)Number – Constructions and Semantics: Case studies from Africa, Amazonia, India and Oceania, Storch, Anne and Gerrit J. Dimmendaal (eds.), pp. 135–166 | Article
The Papuan language Teiwa has a small set of sortal numeral classifiers: one human classifier, three fruit classifiers, and a general classifier. The classifiers vary widely in function and distribution, and it is argued that it is unlikely that they have been inherited. Instead, it is proposed… read more
Klamer, Marian A.F., Ger P. Reesink and Mirjam van Staden 2008 3. East Nusantara as a linguistic areaFrom Linguistic Areas to Areal Linguistics, Muysken, Pieter (ed.), pp. 95–149 | Article
In this paper we consider how Eastern Indonesia may be treated as a linguistic area. We propose five defining linguistic features and we discuss their occurrence in some 40 Austronesian (AN) and non-Austronesian (NAN) languages of South Sulawesi, Flores, Sumba, Timor, Alor and Pantar, the Moluccas,… read more
Klamer, Marian A.F. 2004 Multi-categorial items as underspecified lexical entries: The case of Kambera wànguUp and down the Cline – The Nature of Grammaticalization, Fischer, Olga, Muriel Norde and Harry Perridon (eds.), pp. 299–323 | Article
Klamer, Marian A.F. 2002 14. ‘Report’ constructions in Kambera (Austronesian)Reported Discourse: A meeting ground for different linguistic domains, Güldemann, Tom and Manfred von Roncador (eds.), pp. 323–340 | Chapter
Klamer, Marian A.F. 2001 Expressives and iconicity in the lexiconIdeophones, Voeltz, F.K. Erhard and Christa Kilian-Hatz (eds.), pp. 165–181 | Article
Hulst, Harry van der and Marian A.F. Klamer 1996 Reduplication in LetiLinguistics in the Netherlands 1996, Cremers, Crit and Marcel den Dikken (eds.), pp. 109–120 | Article