Isabelle Roy

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Structuring the Argument: Multidisciplinary research on verb argument structure

Edited by Asaf Bachrach, Isabelle Roy and Linnaea Stockall

[Language Faculty and Beyond, 10] 2014. vii, 205 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Psycholinguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Copley, Bridget and Isabelle Roy 2015 Deriving the readings of French être en train deRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2013: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Amsterdam 2013, Aboh, Enoch O., Jeannette Schaeffer and Petra Sleeman (eds.), pp. 103–118 | Article
French être en train de (êetd, lit. ‘be.inf in the midst of’), generally considered to be the French progressive, has a reading in which the speaker expresses a negative attitude toward the described event. However, not all readings have this expressive meaning. Curiously, the “neutral” reading is… read more
Bachrach, Asaf, Isabelle Roy and Linnaea Stockall 2014 Introduction: Argumenting the structureStructuring the Argument: Multidisciplinary research on verb argument structure, Bachrach, Asaf, Isabelle Roy and Linnaea Stockall (eds.), pp. 1–19 | Article
Borer, Hagit and Isabelle Roy 2010 The name of the adjectiveAdjectives: Formal analyses in syntax and semantics, Cabredo Hofherr, Patricia and Ora Matushansky (eds.), pp. 85–114 | Article
On the basis of data from English, French, Hebrew and Spanish, this paper argues that (apparent) adjectives which function as nominals belong to two distinct classes. One small class consists of true nouns that are homophonous with adjectives but are not derived from them. The other one consists of… read more