Georg Maier

List of John Benjamins publications for which Georg Maier plays a role.


Maier, Georg 2014 The case of focusCorpus Interrogation and Grammatical Patterns, Davidse, Kristin, Caroline Gentens, Lobke Ghesquière and Lieven Vandelanotte (eds.), pp. 173–205 | Article
This article investigates the distribution of pronoun case forms (PCFs) in it-clefts and it BE-sentences in British and American English. Its particular interest is the occurrence of subject PCFs in these two constructions. Functional and pragmatic factors exerting an influence on the distribution… read more
Davydova, Julia, Georg Maier and Peter Siemund 2013 Varieties of English in the EFL 
classroom settingTransferring Linguistic Know-how into Institutional Practice, Bührig, Kristin and Bernd Meyer (eds.), pp. 81–94 | Article
An unprecedented case in the history of languages, English has expanded all over the world yielding a variety of unique – und sometimes mutually unintelligible – forms. The immediate repercussion of this observation is that when confronted with regionally marked vernaculars in the EFL setting,… read more