Klaus-Michael Köpcke

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Aspects of Meaning Construction

Edited by Günter Radden, Klaus-Michael Köpcke, Thomas Berg and Peter Siemund

[Not in series, 136] 2007. x, 289 pp.
Subjects Cognitive linguistics | Semantics | Syntax


Panther, Klaus-Uwe and Klaus-Michael Köpcke 2008 A prototype approach to sentences and sentence typesAnnual Review of Cognitive Linguistics: Volume 6, Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez, Francisco José (ed.), pp. 83–112 | Article
This paper proposes a new solution to the age-old problem of defining the sentence and sentence types. Arguing against traditional definitions, we propose that the category SENTENCE exhibits a complex prototypical structure on the levels of morphosyntactic form, conceptual content, and pragmatic… read more
Radden, Günter, Klaus-Michael Köpcke, Thomas Berg and Peter Siemund 2007 Introduction. The construction of meaning in languageAspects of Meaning Construction, Radden, Günter, Klaus-Michael Köpcke, Thomas Berg and Peter Siemund (eds.), pp. 1–15 | Article
Köpcke, Klaus-Michael and David A. Zubin 2003 Metonymic pathways to neuter-gender human nominals in GermanMetonymy and Pragmatic Inferencing, Panther, Klaus-Uwe and Linda L. Thornburg (eds.), pp. 149–166 | Article
Zubin, David A. and Klaus-Michael Köpcke 1985 Cognitive Constraints on the Order of Subject and Object in GermanStudies in Language 9:1, pp. 77–107 | Article
The ordering of subject and object, especially in the so-called clause "middle-field," is a perennial problem both for the grammar of German, and for syntactic theories of linearization. While formalist accounts (e.g. Engel, 1977) and semantic accounts (e.g. Lerenz, 1977a) have made valuable… read more