Kira Gor

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kira Gor plays a role.


Gor, Kira, Anna Chrabaszcz and Svetlana V. Cook 2019 A case for agreement: Processing of case inflection by early and late learnersRepresentation and Processing in Bilingual Morphology, Austin, Jennifer R. (ed.), pp. 6–41 | Article
Previous research on Russian nominal inflection reports a processing advantage for the Nominative case, the citation form, in native and highly proficient nonnative speakers (Gor, Chrabaszcz, & Cook, 2017). However, it remains unclear whether this advantage is present only in single-word… read more
An auditory lexical decision task tests morphological decomposition and sensitivity to violations in inflection in late second language learners, early learners (heritage speakers), and native speakers of Russian. Two datasets compared reaction times and error rates to real Russian inflected… read more
Freynik, Suzanne, Kira Gor and Polly O’Rourke 2017 L2 processing of Arabic derivational morphologyThe Mental Lexicon 12:1, pp. 21–50 | Article
The current study examined how non-native speakers process the highly productive derivational morphology of Arabic in which, in contrast to Indo-European languages, word formation involves interleaving a root and template structure. Previous research shows that native speakers of Arabic decompose… read more
Cook, Svetlana V. and Kira Gor 2015 Lexical access in L2: Representational deficit or processing constraint?The Mental Lexicon 10:2, pp. 247–270 | Article
Previous research on phonological priming in a Lexical Decision Task (LDT) has demonstrated that second language (L2) learners do not show inhibition typical for native (L1) speakers that results from lexical competition, but rather a reversed effect – facilitation (Gor, Cook, & Jackson, 2010).… read more
Gor, Kira, Svetlana V. Cook, Vera Malyushenkova and Tatyana Vdovina 2010 Chapter 15. Russian verbs of motion: Second language acquisition and cognitive linguistics perspectivesNew Approaches to Slavic Verbs of Motion, Hasko, Victoria and Renee Perelmutter (eds.), pp. 361–381 | Article
The results of three experiments comparing the processing of verbs of motion by late second language learners, American college students of Russian, and early starters, heritage speakers of Russian, are interpreted within the image-schematic framework developed in cognitive linguistics: the… read more
Gor, Kira 2007 Experimental study of first and second language morphological processingMethods in Cognitive Linguistics, Gonzalez-Marquez, Monica, Irene Mittelberg, Seana Coulson and Michael J. Spivey (eds.), pp. 367–398 | Article