Ao Chen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ao Chen plays a role.


Chen, Ao, Melis Çetinçelik, M.Paula Roncaglia-Denissen and Makiko Sadakata 2023 Native language, L2 experience, and pitch processing in musicLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 13:2, pp. 218–237 | Article
The current study investigated how the role of pitch in one’s native language and L2 experience influenced musical melodic processing by testing Turkish and Mandarin Chinese advanced and beginning learners of English as an L2. Pitch has a lower functional load and shows a simpler pattern in… read more
Previous studies have reported perceptual advantages, such as when discriminating non-native linguistic or musical pitch differences, among first-year infants growing up in bilingual over monolingual environments. It is unclear whether such effects should be attributed to bilinguals’ enhanced… read more
Liu, Liquan, Ao Chen and René Kager 2017 Perception of tones in Mandarin and Dutch adult listenersLanguage and Linguistics 18:4, pp. 622–646 | Article
This paper examines the nature of categorical perception (CP) effects in Mandarin and Dutch adult listeners through identification and discrimination tasks using lexical tonal contrasts and through the CP index analysis. In identification tasks, Mandarin listeners identify tones in accordance… read more