Manuela Romano

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Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Discourse studies | Multilingualism | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Romano, Manuela and Maria Josep Cuenca 2024 Conceptualizing the Covid-19 pandemic through similesCognitive Approaches to Mind, Language and Society: Theory and description, Serrano-Losada, Mario and Daniela Pettersson-Traba (eds.), pp. 101–132 | Article
The new and shocking situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has stimulated the analysis of its impact in discourse. Discourse analysts have concentrated on the use of metaphor to create specific conceptualizations of the disease aimed at communicating the events and developments while… read more
Since Aristotle, scholars have regarded similes and metaphors as equivalent figures of speech sharing very similar comprehension, interpretation and usage patterns. By analysing the use of similes in real discourse, the aim of this study is to show that these two analogical figures reflect… read more
Romano, Manuela and Maria Dolores Porto 2016 Discourse, cognition and societyExploring Discourse Strategies in Social and Cognitive Interaction: Multimodal and cross-linguistic perspectives, Romano, Manuela and Maria Dolores Porto (eds.), pp. 1–17 | Article
Romano, Manuela 2014 Evaluation in emotion narrativesEvaluation in Context, Thompson, Geoff † and Laura Alba-Juez (eds.), pp. 367–386 | Article
Narratives are cognitive means of organizing and constructing our experience in a particular way. In emotion narratives, narrators do more than report propositional information; they need to attract the listener’s empathy and understanding. By applying sociocognitive and functional models of… read more
Romano, Manuela 2013 Situated-‘instant’ metaphors: Creativity in Spanish 15M slogansMetaphorical creativity across modes, Hidalgo-Downing, Laura and Blanca Kraljevic Mujic (eds.), pp. 240–259 | Article
This paper studies the metaphorical expressions created as slogans by the Spanish protesters who gathered spontaneously in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol Square on May 15th 2011 to demand economic equality and democracy. The metaphors analysed are situated and context-induced, as well as ‘instant’, as… read more
Romano, Manuela and Maria Josep Cuenca 2013 Discourse markers, structure, and emotionality in oral narrativesNarrative Inquiry 23:2, pp. 344–370 | Article
This paper presents a comparative analysis structure and frequency of discourse markers in two kinds of oral narratives: objective, emotionally neutral ones on the one side, and highly emotional, spontaneous ones on the other. The results prove that emotionality plays a crucial role in the… read more