Serge Sharoff

List of John Benjamins publications for which Serge Sharoff plays a role.



Sharoff, Serge 2010 Balancing form and function in corpus researchThe Bootcamp Discourse and Beyond, Worlock Pope, Caty (ed.), pp. 419–424 | Article
Mudraya, Olga, Scott S.L. Piao, Paul Rayson, Serge Sharoff, Bogdan Babych and Laura Löfberg 2008 18. Automatic extraction of translation equivalents of phrasal and light verbs in English and RussianPhraseology: An interdisciplinary perspective, Granger, Sylviane and Fanny Meunier (eds.), pp. 293–309 | Article
This chapter aims at bridging the functionalist theoretical perspective on word usage with corpus-based studies. We are dealing with the issue of construction of reliable lists of what is called ‘phraseological units’ in general linguistics literature or ‘multi-word expressions’ (MWEs) in… read more
The paper proposes a methodology for collecting “open-source” corpora, i.e. corpora that are automatically collected from the Internet and distributed in the form of a list of links with open-source software for recreating their full text. The result is a random snapshot of Internet pages which… read more
This paper proposes a model for describing lexical semantics within systemic-functional theory. Formal approaches to lexical semantics assume that words have meanings which exist independently from communication and are represented by means of (semi-) formal definitions. Functional approaches treat… read more