Ainsley Morse

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Boškovic, Aleksandar and Ainsley Morse 2023 Chapter 4. Soviet socialist su(pe)rrealism for childrenPhotography in Children's Literature, Druker, Elina and Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer (eds.), pp. 94–122 | Chapter
This chapter posits a kind of Soviet Surrealism, or “su(pe)rrealism”, in photo-illustrated Soviet children’s literature of the interwar period. The techniques of manipulating photo-images that carried out the montage in a single frame were widely employed in photo-illustrated children’s books… read more
This article describes changes in the use of profanity in contemporary Russian poetry and its implications for translation into English. While Russian poetry now more closely resembles English-language poetry in embracing the profanity typical of conversational speech, the highly taboo nature of… read more