Kamil Deen

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Subjects Generative linguistics | Language acquisition | Other African languages | Theoretical linguistics


Kim, Chae Eun, William O’Grady and Kamil Deen 2014 The extrinsic plural marker in Korean: Five studiesKorean Linguistics 16:1, pp. 1–17
This paper presents a series of experiments designed to shed light on some aspects of the use and interpretation of so-called ‘extrinsic -tul’ by child and adult native speakers of Korean. Our findings indicate that this morpheme occurs far less frequently than the intrinsic plural marker in both… read more | Article
Deen, Kamil 2003 The acquisition of inflectional prefixes in Nairobi SwahiliAnnual Review of Language Acquisition: Volume 3 (2003), Santelmann, Lynn, Maaike Verrips, Frank Wijnen and Clara Levelt (eds.), pp. 139–179
This study investigates the acquisition of inflectional prefixes in Swahili, an eastern Bantu language. The order of morphemes in adult Swahili is: Subject Agreement – Tense – (Object Agreement) –Verb Root – (derivational suffixes) –Mood Vowel. I present data from an original corpus of 4… read more | Article