Wei Zhang

List of John Benjamins publications for which Wei Zhang plays a role.



Zhang, Wenxian, Xianyin Li and Wei Zhang 2021 Overlapping as final-item completion in Mandarin conversationThe Joint Production of Conversational Turns, Luke, K.K. and Mei Fang (eds.), pp. 35–51 | Article
This study locates as its focus the site for the final item in a sentence-in-progress as a late but systematic opportunity space for co-completing sentences by another speaker, and as a systematic site for brief overlaps. A second speaker may supply a version of the final item as projected by the… read more
Peng, Xin and Wei Zhang 2019 Talk and gesture in storytelling sequences in Mandarin conversationConversation Analysis in Chinese: Part II, Lim, Ni-Eng (ed.), pp. 133–157 | Article
This study examines the coordination of talk and gesture in storytelling. The focus is on the different ways iconic gestures may contribute to the organization of TCUs and Turns in an on-going story. It is found that brief gestures produced within single TCUs may make visible situated meanings of… read more
This paper examines two self-initiated same-turn repair operations, namely reordering and parenthesizing, in Mandarin conversation. Although both are initiated within a TCU, they often operate on global trouble sources instead of local ones internal to that TCU. On the surface, the two operations… read more
Chan, Angela, Wei Zhang, Olga Zayts-Spence, Mary Hoi Yin Tang and Wai Keung Tam 2015 Directive-giving and grammatical forms: Mitigation devices in a medical laboratory settingChinese Language and Discourse 6:2, pp. 133–161 | Article
This paper investigates the use of grammatical forms in directive sequences by drawing on daily interactions between colleagues in a medical laboratory in Hong Kong. From a conversation analytic perspective, we focus on how directives in Cantonese are commonly formulated and how the force of a… read more
Conversational repair has been studied for its organizational features, relationship with syntax, and interactional functions. This paper focuses on one particular type of same-turn self-repair, namely, insertions. Examining in detail a collection of insertions culled from a corpus of naturally… read more
This study analyses patient questions in prenatal genetic counselling (PGC) in a Hong Kong hospital. The focus is on the kinds of questions asked by the patients and the sequential environments in which the questions are asked. The ten patients in the study are pregnant women at or above 38 years… read more
Luke, K.K. and Wei Zhang 2007 Retrospective turn continuations in Mandarin Chinese conversationTurn continuation in cross-linguistic perspective, Couper-Kuhlen, Elizabeth and Tsuyoshi Ono (eds.), pp. 605–635 | Article
How the status of further talk past the point of a turn’s possible completion should be described, and what functions different kinds of turn continuation might serve – these are questions that have engaged many scholars since Sacks, Schegloff and Jefferson’s turn-taking model (1974). In this… read more