Anne-Catherine Simon

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anne-Catherine Simon plays a role.

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Lacheret-Dujour, Anne, Paola Pietrandrea, Olivier Baude, Nicolas Obin, Anne-Catherine Simon and Atanas Tchobanov 2019 Chapter 1. Collecting data for the Rhapsodie treebank: Corpus design and ethical issuesRhapsodie: A prosodic and syntactic treebank for spoken French, Lacheret-Dujour, Anne, Sylvain Kahane and Paola Pietrandrea (eds.), pp. 7–20
This chapter is devoted to the development of the Rhapsodie repository. We describe the selection of data to be annotated, the principles used to document the data and discuss the theoretical assumptions underlying the Rhapsodie project. The aim was to provide a corpus to study the interface… read more | Chapter
Degand, Liesbeth, Anne-Catherine Simon, Noalig Tanguy and Thomas Van Damme 2014 Initiating a discourse unit in spoken French: Prosodic and syntactic features of the left peripheryDiscourse Segmentation in Romance Languages, Pons Bordería, Salvador (ed.), pp. 243–273
This chapter presents an empirical study of the left periphery of Basic Discourse Units, viz. the linguistic segments that speakers and hearers use to interpret the discourse they are engaged in. A Basic Discourse Unit is bound by the mapping of a syntactic (dependency) structure and a major… read more | Article
Pršir, Tea and Anne-Catherine Simon 2013 Iconic interpretation of rhythm in speechProsody and Iconicity, Hancil, Sylvie and Daniel Hirst (eds.), pp. 161–180
Approaches to iconicity are most often related to fundamental frequency (Ohala 1984). This article examines to what extent rhythm in speech is perceived and interpreted iconically. Iconic rhythmic patterns that imitate part of the lexical or syntactic content have no codified meaning in the system… read more | Article
Hambye, Philippe and Anne-Catherine Simon 2012 Chapter 6.The variation of pronunciation in Belgian French: From segmental phonology to prosodyPhonological Variation in French: Illustrations from three continents, Gess, Randall, Chantal Lyche and Trudel Meisenburg (eds.), pp. 129–149