Adeline Patard

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Cognitive Approaches to Tense, Aspect, and Epistemic Modality

Edited by Adeline Patard and Frank Brisard

[Human Cognitive Processing, 29] 2011. ix, 319 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


This paper proffers a corpus-based study of the semantics of the French present progressive in comparison with its English equivalent. We describe the temporal and modal uses of ‘be + -ing’ and investigate to what extent they overlap with the uses of être + en train de. The observation that the use… read more
De Wit, Astrid, Adeline Patard and Frank Brisard 2013 A contrastive analysis of the present progressive in French and EnglishStudies in Language 37:4, pp. 846–879 | Article
In this study, we address the semantics of the present progressive constructions in French and English by looking into their present-day uses and their diachronic evolution. Corpus data show that both constructions are frequently used in contemporary English and French to stress the atypical nature… read more
Brisard, Frank and Adeline Patard 2011 Introduction: Cognitive approaches to tense, aspect, and epistemic modalityCognitive Approaches to Tense, Aspect, and Epistemic Modality, Patard, Adeline and Frank Brisard (eds.), pp. 1–18 | Article
This chapter explores the connection between past tense and modality in English and French. After arguing for a temporal definition of past tenses, I reinterpret the classical opposition between temporal uses and modal uses in terms of the speakers’s referential or subjective intentionality. I… read more