Marion Winters

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marion Winters plays a role.


Kenny, Dorothy and Marion Winters 2020 Machine translation, ethics and the literary translator’s voiceFair MT: Towards ethical, sustainable Machine Translation, Moorkens, Joss, Dorothy Kenny and Félix do Carmo (eds.), pp. 123–149 | Article
Recent work in translation studies has established the literary translator’s voice as an ethical concern, but there has been little empirical research so far into how the translator’s voice is affected in workflows involving machine translation. In this article, we investigate how the use of… read more
The present paper shows a useful application of corpus methodologies to the genre of literary texts in translation with the aim of discovering attitude in translations and how a translator’s attitude influences her or his translation. The study is based on an English–German parallel corpus… read more
The present paper comprises a corpus-based study of translator style, comparing two German translations of the novel The Beautiful and Damned by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The translations, by Hans-Christian Oeser and Renate Orth-Guttmann, were both published in 1998. The study isolates the… read more